Prioritize Like He's Coming Tomorrow

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you" Matt. 6:33

We have all heard this verse quoted time and again in sermons and classes.

The Lord uses an unmistakable work to help us prioritize His rule in our lives - First! We have to put Him above everything else: our parents, our spouse, our children, our jobs, our entertainment, our sports, our hobbies, etc. You fill in the blank for yourself. God must be our top priority. 


Verses to Consider

Matthew 6:24 Romans 2:12
Luke 12:34 Exodus 20:3
Deut. 6:5 Luke 10:38-42
Matthew 22:37-38 Psalm 90:12
Proverbs 21:21 I Timothy 4:8