College View Church of Christ
Florence, Alabama

Our History

The College View church traces its history back to its first worship service at 8:30 a.m. on December 11, 1960, in the Poplar Street building, according to prior arrangements. An afternoon service was held at 5:15 p.m. On the next Sunday, Bible classes were started. One hundred fifty-one attended the first service. Of this number, one hundred and one were identified as members. Elders chosen were J. Grady Daniel, M. Vernon Freeman, Leon Graham, and Earlie Williams. Deacons selected were James Beavers, B.J. Daily, Robert Y. Griffin, Verbon Jones, John Roberts, and Grady Threet.

Curtis Flatt was the first preacher, and he worked faithfully and effectively for six years, being followed by Franklin T. Puckett. Brother Puckett, after years of diligent work, turned his attention primarily to work in gospel meetings. This congregation supplemented his support, beginning in the fall of 1973 until his death in January 1975. Harold Comer came to Florence from the 77th Street church in Birmingham in August, 1973. He was the local preacher through June, 1987 when he moved to Columbia, Tennessee. Wayne Chappell preached at College View from the summer of 1987 to the summer of 1990, during which time Mike Sobiech worked as a young preacher with us. Harold Comer returned to College View in 1991, and in the summer of 1993 began a new role, patterned somewhat after the role of brother Puckett in previous years. Brother Comer continued this evangelistic work until March, 2003 when he relocated to work with the Vestavia Hill congregation in Birmingham as their preacher. In July of 1993, David Thomley began his work as the local evangelist here at College View. David continued his work here until the summer of 1999. Mark White began his work as the local preacher in July 1999, coming to Florence from Houston, Texas. He continues to do the work of an evangelist at College View.

The College View church has been blessed with capable elders from its beginning. Men who have served the church as elders are M. Vernon Freeman, J. Grady Daniel, Earlie T. Williams, Leon Graham, Verbon Jones, Robert Y. Griffin, Sr., Grady Threet, James W. Parrish, Bobby R. Sneed, Harold E. McCluskey, and Robert Y. Griffin, Jr.

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