College View Church of Christ
Florence, Alabama

Our Young Preacher Program

Believing that the church is God's college for the training of preachers and teachers (1 Timothy 3:15), College View has trained many young men who desire to preach the Gospel. Typically, our program is a two-year, "hands-on" experience with preaching, teaching, and evangelistic work. The young men who have worked with us in this arrangement have made significant contributions to the work we do locally. Additionally, these young men have preached in many area congregations.

The College View church has been fortunate to have a number of young preachers to work with us as they trained and developed themselves to do the work of an evangelist:

Joe Thomas Brent Hunter
Richard Creel Paul Sheehan
Mike Rosser Mike Roy
Collin Stringer Mike Sobiech
Steve Cundiff Dwayne Gandy
Kevin Maxey Frank Diaz
Tony Eldridge Edwin Crozier
Brad Pennington Mark Larson
Jason Cicero Jacob Holman
Evan Lancaster Dan Bailey
Drew Jones