Annual Lectures

Annual Lectures

2024 College View Lectures

Make plans to be with us June 24-26, 2024, for our 29th annual lectures! The theme will be Mindful and Meaningful Messages. Speakers will include:

  • Andy Cantrell (Champlin, Minnesota)
  • Greg Chandler (Athens, AL)
  • Mike Wilson (Santa Clara, California)

Singing will be held by Todd Dennis (Maumelle, Arkansas) on June 23rd and each evening at 6:30 PM.


Monday, June 24
9:30 AM - The Case for Jesus (Mike Wilson)
10:30 AM - A Picture of Holiness; Brotherly Love (Greg Chandler)
6:30 PM - Congregational Singing (Todd Dennis)
7:00 PM - God’s Invitation to Joy, Peace and Purpose (Andy Cantrell)

Tuesday, June 25
9:30 AM - Grace, Holiness, Grace (Greg Chandler)
10:30 AM - David, Peter, and Me (Andy Cantrell)
6:30 PM - Congregational Singing (Todd Dennis)
7:00 PM - Seven Real Things in the Book of Revelation (Mike Wilson)

Wednesday, June 26
9:30 AM - Who is Jesus to You, and What are You Doing About it? (Andy Cantrell)
10:30 AM - Faith That Saves (Mike Wilson)
6:30 PM - Congregational Singing (Todd Dennis)
7:00 PM - A Man of Unclean Lips (Greg Chandler)


2023 College View Lectures

The 2023 College View Lectures were well attended and the lessons were very beneficial to us. 

Listen to those lessons on Spotify or on our YouTube channel.