Elders (also known in the New Testament as pastors, bishops, or overseers) are responsible for the direction of the work and worship of the church. As shepherds and pastors, they are also responsible for the spiritual safety and development of each member of the congregation. College View has been blessed over the years with good leadership and oversight. Currently, there are five elders at College View.


Mitcheal B. Bowen

Rob Hibbett

Originally from Ohio, Mitch and Patty Bowen moved to the Shoals a few years ago with his work as a physician. Both areactively involved in teaching and Mitch also serves as one of our song leaders. He was added to our eldership in 2012.


Rob has lived in Florence most of his life with his wife Julie and their four children. He previously served as a deacon for a number of years in addition to teaching various Bible classes and occasionally preaching. Rob was added as a shepherd in 2020.

Randy Little

Patrick Sneed

Randy Little and his family came to Florence in 1991 as he began a cardiology practice here. He and his wife, Beth, have often taught Bible classes at College View. Randy previously served as a deacon before being made an elder in 2012.

Patrick and Kelly lives in Florence with their four children. In addition to previously serving as a deacon, he teaches various classes and preaches occasionally. He was added as a shepherd in 2020.